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Many of us dream of having a spa bathtub or luxurious walk-in shower, but few of us have the means to make that dream a reality. However, that doesn’t mean that a small bathroom has to feel cramped and claustrophobic. There are plenty of things you can do to make your bathroom feel bigger without needing to hire a bathroom designer or knocking down walls.

1. Declutter

Having a lot of stuff lying around your bathroom can make it feel tiny. Extra accessories such as plants and wall art make the bathroom busier, which in turn makes it feel smaller. Decluttering your bathroom will make it feel bigger, and it will be easier to move around in as well.

2. Get More Storage

If you’ve got lots of toiletries and styling products you can’t live without, you most likely won’t want to throw them out to declutter your space. The best option for getting these essential items out of the way is to put them in storage. Medicine cabinets are great for small bathrooms, as they offer plenty of storage space and have a mirror that will make the bathroom look bigger. You can also invest in extra shelving space in linen closets or under the sink to hide all your styling products.

3. More Light

Natural light will make a small space feel bigger. If you’re worried about privacy, use curtains, or frosted glass to maintain your anonymity while letting in as much light as possible. YOu can supplement natural light with LED day-lights and even install new light fixtures that will draw the eyes upward.

4. Use Paint

People often use paint to mark off certain zones in a room. You can do the opposite in the bathroom to create the illusion of space. Choose a light, neutral colour and paint your walls and ceiling with the same colour, which will blur the line between the wall, floor, and ceiling, making the entire space feel larger. Be sure to pair a colour that matches your floors and stick to soft, light tones. Professional painters will be able to assist in accomplishing this.

5. Mirrors

Mirrors can help you sneak in a little bit of extra light into your bathroom. This extra light will create the illusion of a larger space, and the reflections of small mirrors will contribute to this effect.

6. Replace Your Door

A standard hinged door has a large footprint in a small bathroom. This space needs to be kept clear, which can limit your options for creating more space. Consider replacing the door with a sliding door that will take much less space to open up. If you can’t replace your door, use the back of the door as extra storage space.

7. Raise the Shower Bar

A simple trick to create space is to raise the shower bar almost to the ceiling. A higher shower curtain and bar will force your eyes to track upwards, which creates the illusion of space. If you have an opaque shower curtain, consider replacing it with a clear one. This switch will add to the feeling of light in the bathroom.

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