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Bathrooms have undergone a significant shift in public perception. Once a room that you tried to spend as little time in as possible, a modern bathroom is considered places of relaxation and indulgence. If the idea of splurging on a larger shower isn’t all that appealing to you, here are some other reasons why you should consider a bathroom renovation.

1. Increase Value

The two rooms that have the most impact on a house’s resale value are the kitchen and bathroom. Few things will drive prospective homebuyers away as quickly as a dated bathroom. Bathroom renovations have some of the highest returns on investment of any home improvement project, making them an appealing choice if you’re selling your home.

2. Deal with Existing Issues

All homes have small niggles that pile up over time. Very few people have the time or inclination to fix minor issues when they first arise, and they can quickly accumulate and become overwhelming. If you’re sick of your leaky tap, stained toilet, or cracked tiles, a bathroom renovation offers the ideal time to address these issues.

3. Expand Your Storage Space

Modern bathrooms tend to have much more storage space than older designs. Storage space is especially relevant if your family is growing in size, and you’re finding your existing storage solutions to be insufficient. A bathroom remodel presents the perfect opportunity to add some badly-needed storage for towels, hair care accessories and other odds and ends.

4. Add Home Functionality

As your family grows and changes, so too do your needs. Many homeowners find themselves struggling with outdated bathrooms that feel cramped and unusable. If you’ve had children recently, you may want to add a new bath along with renovating your existing shower. If you have a large family, you may even want to add a completely new bathroom.

The same is true for families that have grown smaller. Instead of having two small bathrooms, you can convert them into a large, open-space bathroom that provides a lovely retreat from life’s worries and cares.

5. Be Eco-Friendly

There are many advantages to being energy and water-efficient. Not only is it good for the environment, but it’s also good for your wallet. Most of a family’s water consumption is due to bathroom activities, especially in older bathrooms.

Modern fixtures can save both water and electricity while adding extra creature comforts. Modern lights are much more energy-efficient than old lightbulbs. New designs of showerheads, taps and bath fixtures conserve water without compromising on water pressure or comfort.
By replacing your old bathroom fixtures and fittings, you can benefit from increased water savings and enjoy more comfort and relaxation than ever before.

Are You Ready to Start Your Bathroom Renovation?

There are many reasons to consider a bathroom renovation, especially if your bathroom looks like it came from the ’80s. As your family changes, so will your bathroom needs. So take the plunge and give us a call today and see what advantages a bathroom renovation has to offer.

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